Handmade ceramic beakers. Pink and speckled pottery. Contemporary cup.

23 EUR

Pair of handmade ceramic beakers made by me at my studio in Barcelona.
I tint the slip clay with different colours and mix also different kind of clays using a handcraft mold.
This pair is made of speckled clay and colored liquid clay in pale pink. Glazed internally and on the edge in a glossy transparent and raw material on the outside.

One cup has a 200ml capacity approx. (some are thicker, others thinner) these are quite thicker and perfect for tea or coffee (Dishwasher proof, not suitable for microwave)

High durability since it is fired to hight temperature.

Ø 6.5cm / 8cm high
Ø 2.5" / 3.15" high

Weight: 200 gr. each

Handmade product: irregularities in the surface or color are part of these items.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!